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Connecting with your clients is more important than ever. People do business with people so they want to get to know them, their ideas, passion, and mission. Professional headshots and branding images showcase who you are and visually support your story.

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Headshot vs Branding Pictures – What’s the difference and which do you need?

As the difference can be subtle, these two terms are often used interchangeably. So how do you know which type (or session) to book? Let’s start by looking at the definitions.

Headshot – A headshot is a “shot of one’s head”, usually tightly cropped, well-lit, and in front of a solid colored background so that the viewer focuses on your face. It is mostly used on websites to introduce team members, on professional social media sites like LinkedIn, or on business cards or email signatures. 

Branding Pictures – Branding pictures are a series of images that represent your brand and shows your personality / character. They can include action shots, interactions with the product or tools you use, be more casual and generally are more engaging. These images are perfect for all marketing channels, including of course your website, blog, social media, and even print.

In summary, headshots are the way to go if you need one or two images to connect a name to a face, while branding pictures should be your choice if you need a variety of consistent images to showcase your brand and personality, and to connect with your clients.

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Hi, I’m Angelina.

My photography journey started more than a decade ago. I have trained and learned from the best in the industry to ensure I can provide you with an unforgettable experience, and captivating pictures. I firmly believe that comfort and connection are two key requirements to create rave-worthy portraits, which is why I am committed to providing exceptional customer service and tailoring every session to the client’s vision.