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How to prepare for your maternity photoshoot

Book your session early
Before booking any photographer, do some research and look at the portfolios to ensure you like their style. I also highly encourage you to get in touch with the maternity photographer(s) you are interested in working with. Standing in front of a camera can be intimidating and might make you feel vulnerable, so you need a photographer that can put your mind at ease and make you feel comfortable. If you have a specific photographer in mind, you also want to make sure they are available. Maternity photoshoots for a first pregnancy are usually scheduled between 28-32 weeks. However, every pregnancy is different so you want to discuss that with your chosen maternity photographer.

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Clothing and Shoes 
What you wear will be a key element in ensuring your maternity session is a success. During your initial consultation or during your styling consultation, you and your maternity photographer should discuss details in regard to the clothing and styling to ensure that they match the vision you have for your images. If your photographer offers a client closet, this is the time to look at the gowns, try them on, and pick the one you like best and that flatters you the most. In this setting, you should also discuss if specific underwear should be worn during the session. A lot of times, moms choose to do their maternity photoshoots barefoot considering their balance is often a little off. Depending on the style and vision that shall be achieved, shoes, specifically high-heels, might be part of the look so it is definitely another item on the list that should be discussed during your styling consultation.

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Hair & Make-Up 
Just like clothing, hair and make-up are vital components of your maternity photoshoot. Make-up shows differently in photographs, especially in a studio setting. Having professional hair and make-up done not only takes some stress away and pampers you but also ensures that is camera-ready.

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Special Items and Accessories
Often, moms have special items that they want to include in at least some of their maternity photos. This can be anything from jewelry to pictures. If you have anything you’d like to include in your pictures, be sure to mention it to your maternity photographer before the session so that they can accordingly if needed.

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Eat and drink before (and during) your maternity session 
Staying hydrated and energized is always important but especially during a pregnancy. I encourage having a nice breakfast and plenty of fluids before arriving to the session. Additionally, I always keep water and snacks in the studio for you to enjoy during the session.

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What do you want to do with your memories?
It is never too early to think about what you will do with the memories you will capture. I encourage all my clients to get their favorites printed, whether that is in the form of wall art, an album, or a folio box. Holding a printed image of you (and your loved ones) has something special to it, and is a beautiful heirloom to pass down to your children and grandchildren. 

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